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. this is 9news now. a wet and wild night out there tonight. lots of rain. some lightning. noisy thunder. it's aess. >> let's find out how much longer the severe weather sticks up us. chief meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center. >> let me show you where the
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watch is right now. it no longer covers montgomery county but it does include the district and south. it does include prince george's, anne arundel and into southern maryland where you guys have yet to see the storms. you will over the next few hours. here is a look at the latest radar and lightning. a tremendous amount of lightning. things about how much lightning we had with these storms. they moved between warrenton and just south of dc. a tremendous amount of lightning. heaviest activity right now in leesburg. back down to warrenton. the good news, there are no severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. the bad news, there are some flash flood warnings in effect and they're going to be at the bottom of the screen. we'll zoom in a little farther. these are the heaviest storm. out towards haymarket, warrenton and down towards culpeper as you go down 15. we'll come back and let you know if they're going to linger into the morning commute and show you a picture of the lightning. here is something you don't see very much. the nfl refs got a staing o
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tonight. right now they're running up and down the field in the rain as the ravens take on the browns in baltimore. overnight they made a tentative deal that got started back in june. the replacement refs made numerous controversial calls but this play and the game this past monday night caused such an up roar. they gave the seahawks the touchdown and the win a lot of us saw it as an interception for the packers. >> you never want to see a game end like that and you never want to see a game end on a controversial play. >> the new deal ends a three month long lockout and gives the ref a pay hike from 149,000 a year to 173,000 next season and 205,000 by the year 2019. remember, those are part-time jobs. the two sides also compromised on retirement benefits they're expected to approve the deal over the weekend. we sent ken molestina out there and he's been watching the
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game. ken, what are they saying about the return of the regular refs? >> reporter: they're treating them, derek, like rock stars. you would think it was valentine's day around here with all of the love the people have for the refs. you can see behind me, everybody still watching the game. they say after four weeks of poor officiating in the nfl, they can finally start enjoying football again. thursday night football, ravens versus browns. it feels, sounds and tastes just a little bit different to these fans who packed into this restaurant in bethesda. that's because love is in the air for the professional nfl referees. >> i think it's good for the game because i think the fans were starting to get disgruntled. >> we're happy to have the nfl refs back. >> the refs want to be back out there and the players know they're going to do their job right. >> reporter: many of them started enjoying football again. >> i think a lot of people were not going to put a lot of stock
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in the season if it continues like this for another week. >> i stopped watching last sunday. i didn't even watch the monday night game. and then -- it got out of hand. >> reporter: and after all, just because it looks like he looks like a zebra and acts like a zebra doesn't mean you're a zebra. >> it looks like they took a thousand dollar pair of shoes and ran through the mud. >> they're missing interception calls, they're missing everything. >> reporter: of course we want to remind you folks that even though the pro ref are back, it does not mean they're not immuned to making bad calls. we were talking to some of the fans and they say, look, we get it. there's a love affair with these officials right now. but the moment they make one bad call, guess who is going to start to get hated on again. yes, the pro refs. we're live in bethesda, ken molestina, 9news. >> memories are short when it comes to sports. thank you. we appreciate it. and by the way, there was a big win for the nats fans today.
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a popular country living social says it will fork out nearly 40,000 bucks to keep metro open an extra hour during the playoffs. you'll want to stick around to find out how the nats and phillies did tonight, which a number of games needed to win the playoffs. new tonight at 11:00, a shooter opens fire inside a small business in minneapolis. right now police are not saying how many people have been killed. but they used the word several. they also said the shooter committed suicide himself. a hospital reports they're treating four patients wounded in the shooting. it all went down late today at a sign making company. no word from police on a possible motive. but unconfirmed reports say the shooter was an employee who was fired this morning. in jail tonight, the california man behind the anti-muslim film that sparked deadly protests around the world. a judge ruled the man has violated his probation. that same judge then sent him to jail saying he was a flight risk
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and a danger to the community. two years ago he was convicted of bank fraud and ordered to stay off the internet unless he had permission. but a trailer for his film was up loaded to youtube. that film depicts mohammed as a womanizer and a religious fraud. young men charged with beating a father nearly to death. all three in court today and ordered to jail without bond. they attacked tc maslin three weeks ago. he had been to a national baseball game. he had stopped at a bar and was walking to his home on capitol hill when he was robbed of his iphone, beaten and left for dead. >> i think it's really, really sad that they got him. >> a phone. a phone, you know. a phone. it's just despicable. >> maslin is still hospitalized. he is not able to walk right now. not able to feed himself and he's blind in hundred eye.
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for the third day in a row, both president obama and mitt romney were campaigning in the very same state. today it was virginia, and that's one ever the states that will decide who wins in november. speaking of veterans at an american legion post in springfield, they attacked proposed cuts to the defense budgets. >> and the idea of committing our military commitment by a trillion dollars is unthinkable. >> and according to a recent cbs news poll, president obama holds a 4-point advantage over romney. the president meantime spent his morning campaigning in virginia beach and he used romney's tax return to make his pitch to the middle class voters. >> my opponent thinks it's fair that somebody that makes $20 million a year, like him, pays a lower rate than a cop or a teacher who makes 50,000. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> don't move. vote. [ cheers and applause ] >> president obama won virginia back in '08, but that state had gone for republican candidates since the previous presidential election. and, of course, there are six more days of campaigning left before president obama and mitt romney have their first presidential debate. that is next wednesday in colorado. anita. a renoir bought at a flea market bought for seven bucks might not be sold after all. it may have been stolen. they discovered documents in the baltimore museum of arts library showing the painting was there from 1937 to 49. it was stolen in 1951. tonight the fbi is investigating. move over, mona lisa. everyone is talking about a picture painted years earlier. they claim this is a predecessor that hangs in the luovre. it features a woman in her 20s
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with her arms crossed. the painting at the louvre shows a woman in her 30s. they want to see if did it was painted by divinci. we have the dip on what restaurants were busted by the health department. sending dirty pictures. more teens are doing it. we're going to hear from one woman who said she made a mistake that still haunts her. this country was built by working people.
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference.
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♪ texting finding or receiving nude pictures or racy pictures over text. >> a young woman tells mike how one picture is having lifelong consequences. >> it was full body and i wish to this day i hadn't sent it because it changes everything. >> reporter: this girl says a bitter ex-boyfriend shared her sexting photos with her students after a breakup. the shame and embarrassment led to a severe depression. >> i've tried cutting myself several times. i tried choking myself to make myself pass out and keep it there and just die.
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>> reporter: on the streets, teens say sexting is a bigger problem than parents and authorities know. >> the fact that you think i'm going to lower myself and give that to you. >> they ask for a face shot and the next question would be can i have a full body shot. >> reporter: recently university of texas res surveyed 1,000 high school students, and 30% of them admitted to texting nude photos of themselves. that's nearly one in three. 60% of those surveyed said they were pressured to send out those kind of photos. most of them girls. we wanted to see just how many cases of sexting have been reported in our area. so we spent days breaking down the numbers from prosecutors, police and school officials. prince george's county handled three cases over the last two years. in loudoun county, it was five. and in montgomery county, police tell us they sometimes handle three a month. >> it's a tragic mistake by a young individual. >> reporter: one of the most well known cases was at bethesda's pile middle school in
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april 2010. at the time, police say 7th and 8th grade boys were caught selling nude photos of female students for between 3 and $15 apiece. >> i don't want to hear that news at all. >> reporter: in other counties and the district, they say they either don't keep track of the sexting or have no data. but prosecutors offices in all of those areas tell 9 wants to know most sexting cases never go to court. young suspects routinely avoid criminal charges after taking some educational diversion classes. >> once the picture is out there, it's always out there. >> reporter: but our victim wants young people to remember the consequences of sexting can't be deleted. >> i missed my junior and senior prom because i didn't want to be around anybody because of everything that had happened. it's hard when i get close to someone, i want to push them away. and i don't want to be close. i don't want them to know my deepest darkest secrets.
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>> reporter: mike hydeck, 9news. >> and local police tell us one of the new trends is sextortion. for example, johnny tells mary to keep sending photos of her self-esteem. mary doesn't want to. johnny threatens to post the pictures he has for everyone to see. sextortion may also have demands for sexual acts or money. wow. well, what do you do when your best known menu item is infested. 9 wants to know investigative reporter russ ptacek knocks on your door. >> is that a good thing for you, no. food investigators are in the counties. >> reporter: the toughest part of this job is holding people accountable, especially when they're so darn nice they win you over. and you're about to meet one of those people and learn about his special ingredient tola and a little infestation. this man and his shah neighborhood restaurant is proud
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of his signature dish tola. what does it taste like? >> very good. >> reporter: inspectors did not. his is one of four restaurants temporarily closed the week of september 14. the health department said there was an infestation in tola. how do you serve that? >> it happens to cook like that. >> reporter: he says it's a west african nut crushed into a powder for an okre flavored sauce. inspectors shut him down saying the tola was infested with insects. for two decades at sumas on 7th street, he has had four or five star reviews online. >> i'm proud of all of this here anyway. >> reporter: but you've had a lot of problems here. how did it get to the point where the health department found roaches and then an infestation inside your signature tola? >> well, things like that happen, you know. small business person. >> reporter: he since thrown out that
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tola, scrubbed the stainless steel, redrilled the drill. >> we had to bomb the whole place. >> reporter: they bombed the entire area? >> bombed the entire restaurant. >> reporter: this even a restaurant. it's cartell books where inspectors shut it down because it was selling food without a license. we told you restaurants are required to have somebody on duty who is trained and certified in food safety. that was the problem here in columbia heights. and as is often the case, when inspectors find that problem, they often find other violations too. this owner was warned about that twice this year along with a worker not washing hands, food on the floor and food at potentially dangerous temperatures. now a closure in germantown at hunan on copper road. one of the issues they had was fly and here we see a fly.
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we're not seeing any mice. that was the only fly we saw when they invited us in after an extensive cleanup. inspectors shut hunan down after excessive flies. back at sumas, more cleaning and remorse. >> we apologize for that. >> reporter: you're still working on this. >> exactly. >> reporter: the good news is we're looking down here. we see no cockroaches. and your specialty menu item no longer has an infestation. >> no. not at all. >> reporter: they cleaned up to the point where they passed re inspection and they are all back in business. if you know of health risks, corruption or government waste, e-mail me at tips at for 9 wants to know, i'm russ ptacek, 9news. >> wow. being investigated for flies, my house could get that. [ laughing ] >> come on. >> there were other things going on now. >> yes, there were. we're winding down with the
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severe weather. the severe thunderstorm watch will continue until midnight. there are flash flood warnings at the bottom of of the screen. here is a picture i hesitated using. i think i understand it now. >> whoa. >> see, that's why i use it. this is on our facebook page. chuck smith sent it to us from centreville, virginia. i did get lots of e-mail about a lot of lightning strikes. this is not one time frame, though. this is over 15 minutes where we had like 50 cloud to ground lightning strikes. remember, you can have cloud-to-ground lightning, cloud-to-cloud lightning and ground-to-cloud lightning. chuck, thank you very much. i think that's a legitimate picture. radar and lightning combined, look at all of the lightning. it has diminished somewhat in the past hour or so, as has the intensity of the storms. but still it's a pretty good line of storms pushing through the metro area. we'll zoom in a little bit, and we have a lot of activity out 50
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as you go past towards alleghany and middleburg. pretty good activity around town. just essentially moderate rain. we don't see anything -- there is no severe thunderstorm warnings this hour, but rain is going to be the biggest threat with these storms. maybe small hail. we had heavier storms that dissipated, had hail in them. now they have dissipate and they're moving off across i95. this had hail in at one time as it moved through the manassas area just south of 66. pretty good rains around town. heavier activity down towards alexandria. that's indicated in the orange and the red is the heavy rain. the yellow and orange moderate rain. got moderate rain up 270 and also on connecticut avenue. look at the storm reports. these are flooding reports. and most of those occurred in fauquier county. a live look outside, michael and son weather cam, high temperature 85. it's 71 right now. dew points is kind of sticky.
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pressure 30.09 inches of mercury. next three days, we're going to keep it code green. on friday, 80. a slight chance of a shower. we're looking at showers possible on saturday. 73. a few showers on sunday. 75. do not change your plans. it's okay. nats back in town on monday. gorgeous. low 70s. then it warms up against next week. we're back in the up i remember 70s on tuesday. we'll -- upper 70s on tuesday. we'll keep it dry. and in the low 80s wednesday and thursday. >> i can't believe we're still going back to the 80s. >> kind of nice. the first and last time it's ever going to happen. refs get a standing ovation. >> i know. it's so true. nfl refs are back and it's hard to say who is happier, the fans, the coaches or the players. and we continue to watch the nationals. their magic number is four. we'll check in on tonight's game and find out if the braves helped out the nats coming up. >> see you later
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and now 9 sports. >> thursday night football game much more interesting as the nfl referees union and the league reached a union on a tentative deal that put the guys in stripes back on the feed. the crew got a standing ovation as they walk on the field for
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the first time. tonight's game was close to home. the ravens hosted the brown. the refs came back to a teem. less than five minutes -- team. less than five minutes left in the game. since it just happened, it's not right. joe flaco through for over 300 yards. one touchdown. torre smith the recipient of the touchdown, he's over 100 yards of receiving. fans are glad to have the refs back. so are the players. at practice tonight, all of the talk was about the refs. some with passionate words. >> i said hallelujah. >> you always say you don't miss something until you go without it. and these replacement refs the last couple of years has been difficult and frustrating during this time. >> time to announce our wusa game of the week. over 14,000 of you voted and the
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winning game is battlefield at stonewall jackson. we'll have full highlights and post game reaction tomorrow night at 11:00. this next story is brought to you by the number 4. that's the magic number of combined wins and losses needed by the nationals and braves in order for washington to win the nl east title. tonight top of the first. bryce harper at the plate. oh, yeah. no containing that one. moved the nats out front 1-0. game tied at 3 until this. it's that harper guy again. puts the home team on top. very next inning michael moore is at the place. laroche at second. but not anymore. he crushes that one. no doubt about it. right into the bullpen. and that was his second of the night. nationals win 7-3. how about morris's monster homerun? >> it felt good. real good. any time you hit a ball like that, sometimes you just have to appreciate it a little bit.
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and, you know, watch it go. >> the playoff bound nationals will be losing a member of their staff. third base coach bow porter has been hired as the manager. porter will stay with the nats through the playoffs. the braves were also winners tonight, so the natt's magic number is no longer four. it is now three. saturday is the earliest that they could clinch. >> fun times. >> natitude. lots of natitude. >> diane, we need to welcome you. >> glad to be here. >> we're excited to have you. >> good time to be here. >> it's like every sport. basketball and hockey. >> we can't talk about hockey. >> or the wizards either. >> we'll be right back. >> the wizards don't exist. [ laughing ]
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so one woman's job search has become a viable source of inspiration for countless others. >> despite her circumstances, she is proving there is nothing she can't do. her name is tesha sheldon. she's been looking for work since june. she's got a degree. it's what she didn't have. that's why she decided to post this video on youtube. >> this is tisha here to answer
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all of your questions about not having any arms. as you can see, i don't have any arms. >> okay. unarmed. she decided to show employers everything she can do. not what she couldn't do. from making a sandwich to eating sushi. even driving. she didn't land a job, but she did become quite an inspiration for a lot of folks. in fact, her video has been viewed by more than a million people. tish credits her mom for telling her there was nothing she couldn't do. >> wow. i'm really hoping there is a job. >> i have to think there is somebody out there that will admire her moxie and give her an opportunity. >> there is so much there. >> there's obviously a lot of things she can do. >> that's right. good night, everybody. thanks for staying up with us.
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